Tahlo Lake Property


  • Victory Resources Corporation’s Tahlo Lake Property in British Columbia’s prolific Babine Copper-Gold Porphyry District currently consists of 1,688 hectares 8 km NW of American Eagle Gold’s NAK Property and 16 km NW of the Morrison Deposit.


Exploration Target

  • 1688-hectare property lies within the Babine Copper-Gold Porphyry District that contains American Eagle’s NAK Property (TSXV: AE) 
  • A regional geochemical survey silt sample in the center of the property returned over the 96th percentile for Cu and over the 98th percentile for Zn. Surrounding RGS samples form a cluster of elevated Cu and Zn values
  • Noranda reported a linear soil anomaly approximately 50 m x 500 m, trending NNW, with Cu values ranging from 60 to 720 ppm Cu to the southwest of the area drained by the highly anomalous silt sample site. Noranda never followed up on the anomaly and no work has been reported since
  • A regional till sample taken about half a kilometer east of the soil anomaly returned elevated Cu and highly anomalous Zn (>98th percentile). A till sample about 2 km down ice from this site, at the southern edge of the property, returned over the 95th percentile for Au.
  • Another till sample site about 3 km down ice from the property returned 49 ppb Au, which is over the 98th percentile for the region


Regional Geology & Mineralization

The Tahlo Lake Property currently consists of 1,688 hectares 8 km NW of the NAK Property and 16 km NW of the Morrison Deposit. It is adjacent to the same NNW trending fault as the Morrison deposit and underlain by Jurassic Hazelton Group rocks. Babine porphyry deposits, such as NAK, Morrison, Bell and Granisle, are hosted by Jurassic strata and associated with major NNW trending faults. The property overlies a significant NNW trending magnetometer high within the Hazelton Group rocks. Porphyry Cu-Au mineralization in the Babine camp is often associated with mag highs.

Victory will continue to assess historical information along with current geology findings toward the development a plan to advance the Tahlo Lake property.